Like any written work with a distribution wider than a personal letter, this style guide attempts to be many things to many readers.

After much deliberation we developed the following profiles of the average reader: a current Amiga developer working alone or with one partner; a developer from another platform who would like to develop for the Amiga; a first-time developer; a graphic artist designing a user interace for a developer; a team of developers working for a medium-sized company... the list goes on.

So our intention was to write a manual that introduced the Amiga from basics - in terms a non-technical reader could understand. The GUI sections were especially targeted for the layman. Other sections, such as the ARexx chapter, were structured more like reference guides since they will likely be used by readers with more of a technical background.

Release 2 Assumed

This book was written with Release 2 of the Amiga operating system in mind. All functions, examples and elements herein refer to Release 2.

Amiga Mail Updates

Of course this manual, especially in its first edition, isn't the final word on style for Amiga applications. Interim updates may be published in Amiga Mail, the bi-monthly newsletter for Amiga developers.

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