Developer-oriented benefits to standards

The obvious beneficiary of a good user interface design is the user. He can pick up a new application and learn how to use it, scan its functions to see what it does, apply old knowledge to cut the learning curve, and so on.

But a disciplined approach to designing and building an application also has enormous benefits for the software developer.

Market Acceptance

Marketing is simplified when a product "belongs" in a comfortable environment, sharing features and tools with other popular applications. A user trying out a demo version of your software and your competitor's software in a store rarely has the time to learn a new way of doing things. A familiar environment and controls that work in a predictable manner will allow him to experience what you are really selling - how well your application does its job.

Some real market-oriented reasons exist for standards too.


By following the recommended guidelines, applications acquire the ability to inter-operate, thereby increasing each application's value. When applications can inter-operate and share data as well as they can on the Amiga, users can combine in off-the-shelf software packages to create custom solutions for the work they want to do with the Amiga.

Secondly, it is important that applications behave well in a multitasking environment. Sticking to the standards assures peaceful coexistence.

Easier Creation and Maintenance

Design is also simplified when you follow standards. For one thing, Release 2 of the operating system features toolkits such as GadTools which provide you with pre-coded elements of the GUI. Even when elements aren't provided "prefab", standards allow you to spend less time devising and designing environments and more time working on the actual operations of your program. It also allows you more time for testing. For instance, if you are designing a CAD program, chances are that it is computer-aided design which really interests you. Instead of spending a lot of time working on gadgets to control your application, you could be spending more time working on the actual CAD operations.

Also in the absence of any stanards, progress is more difficult because each application will require an individual upgrade plan.