Amiga User Interface Style Guide

(c) 1991 by Commodore Electronics Ltd.
"ROM Kernel Reference Manual: User Interface Style Guide"

Written by the technical experts at Commodore-Amiga, the Amiga User Interface Style Guide provides an introduction to, and in-depth explanation of, the issues programmers must understand to create the best user interface for Amiga applications. The book includes:

This new addition to the Amiga Technical Reference Series covers the entire Amiga line of computers.

For the serious programmer who wants to take full advantage of the Amiga's impressive capabilities, the Amiga User Interface Style Guide is the definitive source of information on designing the front end to Amiga applications.

Production Notes: With the exception of the outside cover, this book was desktop published on an Amiga 2500. PostScript files were output to a 2470-dpi lasersetter as film. Software used in this process included: AmigaDOS Release 2,Oxxi's TurboText, Carolyn Scheppner's ScreenSave 36.11, Electronic Arts' DeluxePaintIII, ASDG's The Art Department, and Gold Disk's Professional Page 1.31. Lasersetter output by Graphics Standard.