System keyboard shortcuts

To provide mouse functions from the keyboard, only three features a needed: a way to press the left mouse button, a way to press the right mouse button, and a way to move the mouse pointer. These are provided by the system. They are listed here so you are aware of them and can avoid using these key combinations for any other purpose.

Keyboard ShortcutEquivalent Mouse Activity
Either Amiga + Left-AltSame as clicking left mouse button
Either Amiga + Right-AltSame as clicking right mouse button
Either Amiga + Cursor KeyMoves mouse pointer
Either Amiga + Shift + Cursor KeyMoves mouse pointer in larger steps

Five additional Amiga system functions have keyboard shortcuts:

Default Keyboard ShortcutEquivalent System Function
Left-Amiga + NWorkbench screen to front
Left-Amiga + MFront screen to back
Left-Amiga + BRequester OK (leftmost gadget)
Left-Amiga + VRequester Cancel (rightmost gadget)
Left-Amiga + selection buttonDrags screen whether the pointer is on the title bar or not

The first four functions listed above always use Left-Amiga in combination with another key. The second key in the combination can be changed by the user with the IControl Preferences editor in the Prefs drawer of Workbench. For the screen dragging shortcut, the user can change the modifier or combination of modifiers (Ctrl, Amiga, Shift, Alt) that need to be combined with the selection button.

The Left-Amiga Key

Keep in mind that the Left-Amiga key is reserved at all times for system operations and should never be used as a qualifier for an application keyboard shortcut.